Protein and other bars

Protein bars are a practical snack which can help you achive xour daily protein needs as it can be difficult somethimes. They contain animal or vegetable proteins (eg milk, soybean or egg) and low amounts of carbohydrates. Some of them have also minerals and vitamins that are very important for our body. They are suitable for snacks between meals, after training, and of course also as a balanced meal replacement. From a sporting point of view, this nutritional supplement is important because it enables muscle regeneration after training. High protein diet is the most common choice for a athlete since its protein requirement is twice as high as that of non-sportsmen (1.5g / kg instead of 0.75g / kg).

Our protein bars represent, in contrast to powdered additives, a more practical way of storing and transferring. Of course, it is important to know that bars are contrary to pure powdered proteins, a mixed dietary supplement, which also contains fats and carbohydrates. We offer a large selection of bars that are adapted to the needs of everyone, without gluten, with low calorie value, without carbohydrates or lactose, vegans (based on soybeans or peanuts) and also with the addition of amino acids. The brands of tiles that we recommend and also sell are Quamtrax, Oh Yeah, Lenny & Larry, Fulfil, Energy Cake and Nutramino.

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