Quamtrax Protein Flan Puding 360g

Protein pudding without sugar.


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Product Description

Quamtrax Protein Flan Pudding is a product with a high protein content. The product contains egg protein and other ingredients necessary to prepare a simple pudding. Protein pudding is an excellent choice for dessert or a healthy snack, because in addition to a lot of protein and little fat, it contains no sugars.

Key features Quamtrax Protein Flan Pudding:

  • 158 kcal per serving
  • 73.4% protein
  • sugar-free

Quamtrax Protein Flan Pudding contains protein of high biological value, which is helpful in maintaining muscle mass and appropriate regeneration after an intense workout. The product is the perfect alternative for desserts, breakfast or snack. It is made from egg whites concentrates in powder and jelly, in order that each dose of 40 grams provides nearly 30 grams of protein, without added sugar and with only 1g of fat, of which about 80% is unsaturated, such as linoleic acid.

Protein pudding is suitable for people who want to take care of their health with a healthy dessert or snack, especially when they stick to dietary programs with low-carbs.

Quamtrax Protein Flan Pudding can be combined with a wide range of ingredients and its preparation is, besides using usuall ingredients like water or milk, entirely left to your imagination.

Nutrition values and information about product


Mix 1 scoop (40g) together with 250ml of cold water and pour in the desired model. Leave the prepared mixture in fridge  (3-5 °C) for 15-30 minutes.


1 scoop (40g) per day or according to individual needs.

Nutrition facts and ingredients 100g % PDV
Energy Kcal 393,8 kcal
Fat 2,6g
- of which saturates 0,4g
- mono-unsaturated 0,65g
- poli-unsaturated 1,42g
- Linoleic Acid 1,1g
Carbohydrate 19,2g
- of which sugars 0g
Protein 73,4g
Cholesterol 3,1mg
Sodium 765mg
Potassium 696mg 34,8
Calcium 46,8mg
Magnesium 50,4mg
Phosphorus 102mg

Egg albumin, gelatin, maltodextrin, sunflower oil, flavors, colors (beta-carotene), sweetener (sucralose).


It is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. It is not intended for the treatment, prevention or disease diagnosis. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to moisture and direct sunlight.

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